How to Use a Bike Trainer For Maximum Results

By   March 4, 2015

Cycling indoors with the use of an indoor bike trainer is indeed a convenient option. With this kind of workout, you can stay at home and relax while shedding-off a significant amount of calories. This is why a lot of people prefer this exercise. But the question is, is it as efficient as outdoor cycling? There are a couple of things that you need to follow in order for you to achieve maximum results with your exercise bike stand.

First, you have to plan ahead of time and determine your goal for a certain session of exercise. You also have to take this goal into a long term level. Determine what you really want to achieve and how much you would want to lose so you would also know how much effort to put into your workout.

Regularity of your training is also important. A workout that is not done on a regular basis is useless. The time and effort you put into your exercise is a very important factor leading to the success of your training. You have to determine ahead of time how many times a week you need to perform the exercise and how much time you will spend with your bike every time you do the workout. You also have to determine the intensity of your cycling.

While you go on with your training, you can apply new techniques, you can change or increase your speed, you can adjust time intervals, and you can extend the time you devote for your workout. Important thing is that you do it in a gradual manner. It won’t do you good if you jump into the next level without preparing your body for a heavier physical activity. Remember to always keep a good pedaling technique. Sometimes, cyclist feels too comfortable when they cycle at home that they forget they have to pedal the right way in order for the exercise to work. You should always develop that regular exercise attitude and put the necessary efforts for it to gain positive results.

Another important thing that you should not miss is to monitor your workout. You have to keep track of what you have done so far so you will be able to compare results. You should record your performance as notes. Include the number of minutes you do the exercise, the rate you are doing your cycling, and your weight after a certain amount of training has been done. This way, you will be able to determine how successful your exercise is.

An indoor bike trainer is a good exercise that is cost effective and at the same time helpful in keeping your body fit at a convenient manner. But it’s not enough that you have it and use it for whenever you want to. For you to maximize its use, you have to develop the discipline that you need to perform it regularly. You also have to be patient in leveling up to make sure that your body is ready for an even more challenging training. You have to use it the right way if you want to achieve the best results out of using it.

Using an Indoor Bike Trainer on a Wet Day

By   March 4, 2015

Once you get into the benefits of cycling, you find yourself needing to ride at every spare opportunity. You crave that feeling of being on your bike and burning calories while enjoying the feel of your body in motion. So, how do you feed that craving on a rainy day? Or a snowy, cold, or extra windy day? The answer is in a indoor trainer. Not some guy named Bruno in a tank top screaming at you to run in place, but a trainer for your bike. There are many brands and models out there.

Which is best?

First let me say there is really only one model that’s even worth looking into, and that’s a Fluid Trainer. You can get into the wind trainer or a magnetic trainer, but if you want something that will feel most similar to being out on the road and will last you for many years, the fluid trainer is the answer. Without getting too technical a fluid trainer uses fluid resistant chambers, which are held together by a magnetic flywheel. This, then is connected to a roller which the bike tire rests on. The fluid is much quieter than a wind or magnetic machine and adjusts to the gear your bike is in. That means if you want to push it hard, you simply shift up a few gears just as you would on the road.

When it comes to brands I will just save you some time and tell you no one has come close to getting it right the way Kurt Kinetic has. First of all the only complaint about fluid trainers is it has a tendency to leak due to the heat that it creates during a ride. Kurt has addressed and practically perfected the fluid trainer by using 6 ultra powerful magnets on each side to hold the fluid chamber together, along with 80 cooling fans.

Kurt has two types of fluid trainers; the Road Machine and the Rock and Roll. The only difference between the two is the Rock and Roll has side-to-side motion which makes you balance the bike more as it rocks back and forth as you ride – most like the real thing. The Road Machine has the same benefits as the Rock and Roll minus the side-to-side motion. It still gives a great workout and is the one that I personally chose and will review with you.

So lets jump in and see what makes the Kurt Kinetic Road machine such a great option for a wet day.

It’s a Saturday morning and my schedule is open. Great day for a bike ride; unfortunately there is a huge thunderstorm headed my way. All is not lost as I have my Kurt Kinetic Road Machine folded up in our spare bedroom. Even better, the Giro d’Italia (hardest 3 week bike race in the world) is starting today and I can stream it live on my laptop. So I quickly and easily set up my bike on the Kurt.

Here are the key steps to fixing your bike to the Road Machine:

1. Change your quick release to the one supplied with the trainer. The bolts are a bit larger and are made to fit inside the bearings. (Note* The Kurt Kinetic fits many types of bikes so don’t worry if your bike doesn’t look like mine. It fits wheels 22″ to 29″ inches which most bikes are.)

2. Adjust the knob behind the roller so that it presses right up against your rear tire. You should be able to rock the tire back and forth without hearing a squeaking sound of the tire sliding and rubbing off of the roller. (Also it is best to use a mat to keep the trainer from sliding. I use an old yoga mat.

3. As far as accessories, the only one you’ll really need is a riser ring. These are made my Kurt Kinetic and are used to stabilize your front wheel as well as add height so that you don’t feel like your riding down a hill for an hour. They sell a turntable version, which I don’t recommend it due to instability issues.

4. The only thing left is to create your own personal setup. Worried you will be bored to tears sitting stationary in a room, peddling your day away? You’re not thinking creative enough my friend. The beauty of riding indoors from time to time is that you get to entertain yourself in ways you normally couldn’t on the road. For example, I have mastered my setup using Amy’s sewing table and extra long headphones. Just remember, although the Kinetic is quieter than other trainers, it can still make it hard to hear something coming from your computer or TV, so headphones are a good idea. Oh and DON’T FORGET A TOWEL! I can’t stress this enough. When you’re outside you don’t realize how much you sweat because the wind dries it so fast. You are going to sweat, ALOT. So have a towel handy as well as a fan nearby. I personally like to use my New England Sucks towel I got at the 2007 AFC Championship game in Indianapolis.

Ready to Roll

So there you have it. You are up and ready to ride in no time. Allow yourself to be distracted by your entertainment, but to fine tune your workout find time for amped up 1 minute intervals at a higher pace. This helps avoid monotony as well as makes for a better workout.

Tips on buying a Kurt Kinetic

Investing in a totally new Road Machine will run your $379. Now that’s a pretty steep price for an indoor trainer. I agree, that’s why I’m telling you, before you walk into a store SHOP ON THE INTERNENT. Look for used trainers on Craigslist or Ebay. Remember what I said, these things will practically last you forever, so why go out and buy a brand new one? Also, this is a workout machine, and what comes to mind when you think of anything involving workout equipment? People quit. There will always be someone out there that invested in a trainer that used it once or twice and lost interest. I found mine on Craigslist from a guy not too far from me for almost half the price of a new one.

Solution to Cycling in the Winter

By   March 3, 2015

If you are looking for a solution to cycling in the winter or just looking to get some additional mileage on the clock, the CycleOps Fluid 2 indoor trainer could be the ideal answer. OK, I guess I’m like you in that nothing beats going out riding with great scenery, nature and the general feeling of freedom as the wind hits your face, but sometimes we need to settle for second best. Not that there’s anything second best about this indoor bike trainer…

This CycleOps trainer will simply make you a better rider. Just think of it as a simulator while isolating outdoor distractions like noise, bumps etc. If you buy it, I highly recommended to do some riding on the trainer without external distractions in order to maximize the simulation effect of a real cycling environment – but most of the training session can be spent watching a DVD or listening to music to get you really fired up.

Important note: The CycleOps Fluid 2 trainer is intended for road bikes.

The Good

The CycleOps Fluid2 Trainer is a great way to keep your legs in tip-top condition during the off season. While many cyclists dread the indoor training season, ensuring a proper bike set up will make any training session more comfortable and enjoyable. The new large flywheel and the infinite resistance curve assures maximal flexibility in intensive training sessions and supports various conditions.

If you’re after a top class solution offering superb performance, the Fluid2 delivers. Of course, it’s no substitute for training in the real world. But when you can’t get outside, it’s good to know you’ve got the Fluid inside. There aren’t many indoor trainers that capture the feeling of riding outdoors (let’s face it, it’s just not the same), without all the hassle and worry of things like potholes and crosswinds. Awesome Power band technology gives a wide resistance range thus enabling variable training conditions in terms of simulated path conditions. And one thing you can rest easy about – it is a very quite and stable piece of equipment.

Reliability is an extremely important element for an indoor bike trainer that has various moving parts and seasonal usage patterns. Thanks to various technologies like the self-cooling mechanism, the Fluid2 trainer keeps performing better, even over time.

All non-electronic parts have a lifetime warranty, while last but certainly not least, set up is easy. And if you do for some reason find things a little tricky, you’ll be pleased to know that the customer support is very responsive (unlike so many support centers these days).

The Bad

Nothing major to add here, apart from the fact that some people (according to some reviews online) needed a support call for setting the CycleOps Fluid2 up. Another small thing is that the description regarding supported tire sizes and bike types is not amazingly clear – perhaps a rewrite of that section would be an idea?

Some Top Tips

It’s a constant effort to keep in shape, I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that! But be prepared for something that has blown me away – you will get more of a work out in 45 minutes on the trainer than you would in double that time riding on the road!

As a result, I’d recommend you:

  • Drink (this is the one case where drinking and riding at the same time is recommended!)
  • Entertain yourself: music, TV, whatever floats your boat. Once you hit the ten minute mark, it is nice to get something to help pass the time!

Bike Trainer for Losing Your Weight

By   March 3, 2015

Cycling is one of the most popular workouts that are effective in making you lose weight. However, some seasons would not allow this outdoor exercise. How about if it’s not always sunny and the weather is not favorable for outdoor activities? When winter comes, cycling outside won’t be a good idea. The good thing is that even indoors, you can now perform a similar exercise.

This is through an exercise bike stand. Now it isn’t necessary to go outdoors for anyone who wants to burn fats through cycling. Plus, staying home means you can still do so much while doing the exercise. You can actually multi-task while you are at it.

Indoor bike trainers are a good alternative to stationary indoor training bicycle because they are a lot cheaper. What you will purchase is just the stand and you can mount your bike into it.

The advantage is yours if you use your own bike because you are already familiar with it. All you have to do is put your bike on the stand and no matter how much effort you exert with the pedals, you won’t go anywhere. This is because the rear wheel of the bike is above floor level.

So no matter how hard you pedal, you will still find yourself in the same place. With the quality of exercise you can get from cycling, you won’t have to pay for monthly gym.

The best thing about doing your exercise indoors is that you can still enjoy the comfort of your home while doing your thing. You can watch TV, read a book or the news paper, listen to the radio or your favorite music, play your favorite video game, or watch your favorite movie.

The good thing about this is that while you do all these, you can also spend time with your family. Unlike when you have to go out for exercise, you will miss the time that you can spend at home.

When you do your workout at home, you can multi-task that is, do different things all at the same time. Plus, you will save yourself time and money which you ought to spend when you go out.

It is also said that you can lose weight more quickly through cycling. According to research, 45 minutes of indoor cycling is equivalent to 400-600 burnt calories. It is also a great way to let go of stress and worries. And when you do your cycling sessions indoors, there is no need for you to focus on any direction, giving you a more relaxed time.

Use your time at home wisely while not sacrificing your routinely exercise. You can only do this best with and indoor bike trainer. Not only that you can burn fats and keep your body fit, but you can at the same time have fun and spend quality time with the other members of your family.

And aside from the fact that you can enjoy while cycling, you can also save a lot of money. Instead of spending much on a stationary bike trainer or going to the gym monthly, you can spare the money for your other priorities at home.

Indoor Bicycle Technology Types

By   February 10, 2015

Cycling is part of many training strategies for optimal health. Continue the regimen in the winter are traditionally more difficult because weather conditions are less favourable for the typical cyclist.

Getting up before work and challenging cold winds, ice and snow can cause most fans to rethink their options and go back to bed. There is an alternative for cycling outdoors and with newer technologies to simulate classic journey, you have several options while snow blankets the normal route on the outside.

Indoor bicycle training becomes more common and if you’re thinking about joining a gym, you might want to look at some home-based units you can buy for about the same price.

There are three main types of indoor bike training approach; fan, magnet and liquid based.

1. Type of Fan units provide fundamental resistance similar to that of typical wind resistance during travel. Fan-based unit will gradually increase as You increase the speed of the bike. Fan trainers and resistance that is applied is directly proportional to the size of the fan on the unit itself. The Fan unit is great for those who exercise sporadically, and want low impact resistance.

2. Types of Magnetic trainer is the next level of technology that can allow the operator to adjust the level of resistance they are looking for. Depending on the design, this unit can be adjusted manually or electronically and provide smooth operation of tension based on the amount of work that is applied to the pedals. This unit operates on a lower noise level and can simulate a range of conditions based on the option settings.

3. Design-based Liquid similar in feeling with fan-based system, except that they operate on a lower noise level. They also provide a more realistic sensation and as motorists began pedaling harder, resistant to increased aerobic exercise better.

Any technology that you go with, you will be able to continue your training without having to deal with winter conditions. You can exercise in The comfort of your own bedroom or other living space.

Good Exercise From Bicycle Indoor Trainer

By   February 10, 2015

Bike trainer indoors can be one of two systems: both the mechanical structure that holds your bike in a stationary position while providing resistance, or a non-spinning bike moves that can only be used while moving. Depending on your circumstances, you will want to choose indoor bicycle trainer you fit with the purpose of training and personal preference.

Bicycle indoor trainer that locks the rear wheels of your bike so that you can use it in a room that is ideal for people who prefer to exercise in their homes due to factors related to climate conditions of cold or rain. Locking system will usually increase the regular bikes off the floor, lock the rear wheels, and can be programmed to provide different levels of resistance.

On the other hand, the non-moving bikes typically consists of a mechanical treadle operated structure that looks and feels like a real bike, but it cannot be ridden like. These bikes are usually electric, and will come with a few options that can be programmed which will allow you to track your workout goals. Some bikes will monitor heart rate, distance cycling virtual, and store information about the number of calories you burn in a special training session. Other bikes will be simpler, and may not come up with special training system of electricity.

Regardless of the type of system the bike you choose, both will give you the opportunity to get some exercise in a good room. Regular cardiovascular exercise is important to keep the heart and lungs are healthy and work in optimum condition. This kind of sport also plays an important role in the prevention of heart diseases and unwanted weight gain. For this reason, if you want to keep fit and healthy without having to leave the comfort of home, choose a bike indoor trainer will allow you to accomplish this easily.